Tambour Horizon

Combining technology and luxury seems like it would be easy to do, but being a design engineer I can assure you that it is not an easy feat. In fact, it is often an extremely difficult thing to accomplish without making sacrifices to the aesthetics or to the technology. I am therefore extremely impressed with Louis Vuitton and there new Tambour Horizon watch.

The Pure White model features a white polished ceramic 42mm case

To be fully honest, the looks of the watch are very similar to the previous version, but the inside is completely new. The key changes are the move to the top of the line Snapdragon 3100 processor, and the latest version of Google’s Wear OS. The new model also has a 300mAh battery to provide full day battery life, and up to five additional days when using the Horizon in watch mode. Watch mode is a new feature where the watch only displays the time and offers limited access to smart features.

Available in Pure White, Matte Black, Monogram Eclipse, and Monogram Brown

One of my favorite features is the display. Louis Vuitton spent some time creating a number of designer watch faces that compliment the aesthetics of the case and the band.

With MY FAVORITES watch face, access your favorite functionalities and apps at a glance.

Pricing is now available on louisvuitton.com. In the USA the prices range from $2,550 for the Monogram Eclipse to the $4,450 for the Pure White edition. However, all four models have limited inventory as of writing.

The Pure White model features a stunning white polished ceramic case

The watch has a 42mm case that is 12.6mm thick. The style is very familiar, especially to those in the luxury watch market. Interesting, to me at least, is that the LV watch looks much thicker than the Apple Watch Series 4, but in reality it is less than 2mm thicker (10.7mm vs 12.6mm).

Thanks to the latest version of Wear OS the new watch packs some key new features including a microphone to support Google Assistant and NFC to unlock Google Pay contactless payments.

The attention to detail is exactly what you would expect from a luxury brand

Using the latest in AMOLED technology the watch face looks stunning at all angles. The display is 1.2″, similar to the previous model and features a 390 x 390 display.

Customize the band, the case, and the face to fit your style

No longer do you have to choose between technology and luxury. The latest Tambour Horizon excels at both. Now, I just have to convince my wife that its time to move beyond my trusty Apple Watch.

Do you own the original Tambour Horizon, or this new model? Or are you a watch aficionado? If so I would love to hear your comments and opinion if this watch lives up to its name.

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