The Future Unfolds

I will be honest, CES is my least favorite tradeshow, but still every year I find one or more things that make me go Whoa!

CES is known for showcasing the latest in TV technology. Usually the convention halls are filled with TV demos showing bigger, brighter, faster, higher resolution or curved displays. This year the show had all of that, but the real winner was LG and their ability to make the TV disappear.

Beyond just the geek factor of the display rolling up into a tiny decorative stand, was the idea that this new display technology could allow multiple aspect ratios to be realized elegantly. LG was extremely thoughtful with this feature and uses the display only partially extended as a digital display for items like music, weather, and more.

The base is extremely minimal and when the display is rolled up it looks at home in almost any setting. Beyond just holding the display, the base also doubles as one of the best speaker systems available and features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Of course, what seems like a prerequisite now is voice control, and LG features both Alexa and Google Assistant in this state of the art TV.

LG showing the various aspect ratios that are possible with their technology.

So how does it work. Being an engineer this was the part I was keen to discover. The key to the design is the flexible OLED display, which has been displayed before, but never in an actual product. LG was able to create a 65″ diagonal display with this flexible OLED technology and then combine it with a rolling tambour structure that literally disappears before your eyes.

LG proudly advertises, “Maximize your living space with infinite possibilities. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R elevates your space into a luxury home cinema” No longer do you have to choose between having a great TV or having a great view. Now you can have both.

Unleash the Potential of Your Space.

When you have a new technology, you have the ability to create new names for the features. LG uses the term Zero view for when the display is fully hidden. Their advertisements proudly claim, “The display disappears without a trace, only leaving behind a true piece of art. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R elevates your interior to be maximized without a screen.”

The Hidden

LG has not communicated the list price for this TV, but I think we all agree it will be at the top of the price continuum. However, when you combine cutting edge technology with useful design features it will attract sales regardless of the cost. Given the progression of technology it will only be a few years before this technology is just as common as curved displays and 4k TVs are today.

Enjoy the view. Technology allows the TV to disappear out of sight…

What are your thoughts. Is this functional innovation, or just technology for technology sake? Love to hear your thoughts on this product and anything else at CES that made you go whoa!

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