More air than metal

As an engineer I am always drawn to methods that combine function and beauty. Given my expertise in lighting and aluminum the recently introduced Apple Pro Display XDR impressed me and I thought I would share a few highlights and opinions.

Apple, in my opinion, is one of the best marketing companies in the world. The way they introduce products, talk about how they benefit the user, connect to a deeper mission, and combine leading edge technology and aesthetics is simply fascinating. They naturally create an “us” versus “them” environment, and their fans (users) continue to reward them for pushing the envelope and creating the next thing…

This product launch was unique in that they focused on a specific user, the pro user, and leveraged the feedback and the workflows that are being done at the leading edge. I am not one of these “pro users” so when I heard that the price of this new ProDisplay XDR, which is advertised as starting at $4999 I was dismayed. Interesting note, that this cost does not include the stand (which sells for an additional $1000) and their is a Nano-texture glass option for another $1000 if desired. This instantly guaranteed that I would not be getting one of these on my desk any time soon. But I still am impressed with several aspects of the product and the related new Mac Pro

One of those areas is the spherical array structure that creates the front aesthetics of the Mac Pro and the rear aesthetics of the ProDisplay XDR. Using a solid piece of aluminum the structure is machined into both sides of the material leaving an intricate lattice that maximizes airflow while creating an extremely rigid structure. Similar to many Apple products this process of machining solid aluminum into finished solutions is expensive, but allows for the high function and beauty that Apple is known for. A short animation of the material and how it is produced can be seen here: creating the spherical array

The other area of engineering and design that amazes me is the thought process around the structure and the airflow. The entire Mac Pro was designed to allow easy configuration / customization and to ensure that adequate air-flow was present to keep everything functioning when running at full speed. In the end Apple has created some pro products that look unique and make nearly zero noise.

Conclusion: This new Mac Pro and ProDisplay are way beyond what I need, but I appreciate Apple pushing the envelope on design and technology. For the leading edge pro users, like those buying the latest $54,500 list price RED cinema cameras, the prices of these products are just the cost of doing business at the leading edge. For others like me, these are just beautiful executions of technology and design that we can aspire to own and show off.

Learn more online by watching Apple’s 5-minute video on these new products Powerfully purposeful

If you are on the list to purchase one of these I would love to learn more about what you are doing. I assume that these will sell extremely well to the small percentage of people who are pushing the limits in science, art, and video. I look forward to seeing what these leaders create and what the future brings…

All the best,

Douglas Diemel

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