Windows, Windows, Windows…

The biggest transformation yet. Oh what a difference windows make to a high roof van…

For our conversion we chose dark tinted windows from C.R. Laurance Company. The windows are specific to the Ram Promaster and fit extremely well. Honestly, most people who see our van assume they are factory windows. They fit perfectly into the stamped steel design and look seamless.

View after the windows are installed

Originally I wanted to find a van with rear windows from the factory. However, I am actually glad we did not find this as the factory windows are not as dark tint as the purchased windows. With all aftermarket windows, the look is consistent from the sides and from the back. The other advantage is we could select some windows that have crank out window sections with screen. We chose to install these “tilt out” windows on both sides of the rear (along the ends of the bed) and one on the sliding door (which would be near our kitchen in the finished van).

Opening the windows is perfect for ventilation, especially with the roof vent set to pull air from inside and push it out. This means when the fan is on, and the windows open, air is pulled from outside the windows to the inside creating a great cross ventilation. When we cook, this is even more critical as it pulls the food smell and moisture out of the van.

Drivers side has full windows too…

In my opinion, the windows make the exterior of the van look much better. However, the biggest improvement is the view and light that they bring to the interior. They make the van feel bigger, and allow you to sit inside and view the surroundings.

The back looks the exact same as factory windows, except slightly darker…
and a glimpse inside

Now that the windows are fully installed we can focus on the layout of the interior. In the next post I will share more on the design and ideation phase of the van. Keep following and see how it turns out.

As always, wish you the best,

Douglas Diemel

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