Check Engine

Many of us treat our spouses like our automobiles. We wait until the red light on the dashboard lights up before we pay attention to the slowly building problems. Some of us, like me, ignore the light until serious work is needed to repair the issues. Preventative maintenance can help avoid emergencies in our marriage, and with our car, but many of us simply don’t think about it. Continue reading Check Engine

Like Arrows

I had the opportunity to watch the movie “Like Arrows” last night with my wife. I will admit it is a strange date-night movie, but we sat in the comfortable red chairs at our local Marcus Theater and enjoyed a glass of wine while we watched this two-hour show. My wife and I both have aspirations of being great parents, and we are wise enough to know that on many days we fall short. Parenting is hard… This movie was an inspirational tale that follows a couple from unexpected pregnancy, to a quick marriage, to a slow path of struggle and then enlightenment, until they reach their 50 year wedding anniversary. I strongly advise anyone who is a parent, or plans to one day become one, to watch this film. Continue reading Like Arrows