Jeff & MacKenzie

I am usually not interested in celebrities or gossip stories, but this story caught my attention for two reasons:
1. I admire what Jeff Bezos has done and continues to do at Amazon. 
2. My wife and I are champions for great marriages and it pains us to hear stories of divorce. 

A while ago I watched an interview with Jeff Bezos where he talked about work life balance. It was interesting because he said he didn’t like this phrase because it suggested that balance, or both being equal, was necessary for success. Rather he chooses to suggest we should seek work / life harmony. In this interview (see video 30:35 minute mark) he explains why in more detail. I found this insightful because I’ve noticed the same phenomenon, when my home life is going well I do much better at work; similarly, when my work life is going well I am a much better husband and father. In this spirit, I strongly suggest that to be the best version of ourselves at work we should invest more at home…

On the outside it’s easy to assume everything is going great, but if we are honest, on the inside we are almost always struggling with something. 

My wife and I are champions for great marriages, not because our marriage is great, but because we know marriage is extremely difficult. In fact, for me marriage was the one area I felt I was the least successful at. I won’t bore you with all the details here but will state that our marriage improved greatly when we finally put effort into improving it. 

This April my wife and I will be attending the Art of Marriage for our third consecutive year. I am so impressed with this programming that I suggest it for everyone who is married, regardless if you feel your marriage is poor or great. In my experience, this was our most impactful getaway since our honeymoon. 

If you want to have a marriage that leaves a lasting legacy, or you just want to learn more, please check out these resources: Weekend to Remember, The Art of Marriage; or send me a short email and we can find a time to discuss. 

Wishing you the best,
Douglas Diemel

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