We Bought a Van

The Journey begins…

Well, full disclosure, the journey began in July 2019 and just getting around to sharing some of the details. Will create several posts to get you up to speed on our progress.

July 2019 Family Photo with our new High Roof 3500 extended RAM Promaster

The van is not new. Previously it was used as a plumbers van and was fully loaded with aluminum walls, aluminum shelving, a cab divider and diamond plate floor. All of these items were carefully removed and sold, which gave us some cash for all the windows we would add.

We have enjoyed travelling in our Honda Odyssey, but this bigger van will be a huge improvement. At 255,000 miles the Honda was beginning to show its age.

side by side

And some more “Before” pictures…

Looking in the side door you can see the cab divider, some of the shelves, and the industrial “Diamond Plate” flooring.
And looking into the back…

I am still shocked that the whole family felt this “high roof van” was the ideal upgrade for us and our travels. Together we will be turning this “work” van into a transformed camper van and base for our numerous adventures. Excited to continue to share progress and journeys. Follow along, and look forward to your comments.

As always, wish you the best

Douglas Diemel

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