Update – Belize Mission Trip

Depend on the Lord in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed

Proverbs 16:3 CSV

We are simply overwhelmed by the support and generosity we have received in the past several weeks. All we can say is, “God is good”, and “Thank you to all of our friends, family, and supporters”. As of today we have received nearly 90% of all the funding we need for this trip, and we know we can pull the remaining from our savings and guarantee we join our friends from Campus Life and serve on this mission.

It is nearly impossible to comprehend that less than 25 days ago we sat in fear that we may need to cancel this trip, because in the previous month we had only managed to raise 10% of the funds needed, and we had no way to afford the trip solely on our own. I recall sitting with our mentors and praying that God would provide or deliver a clear message on what we should do. We left that meeting with hope, and fully trusted that if we were meant to go on this mission and serve, we would receive a clear signal. How amazing it was when less than one week later, through the generosity of so many, our funding would triple, and then continue to come in…

Also we are excited to share that Praying Pelican Missions has shared more information on our trip and some of the work we will doing. Our group will be partnered with Armenia Full Gospel Church in the village of Armenia. This is located about an hour west of the airport, just south of Belmopan which is the capital city.

In Armenia we will be working with Pastor Jesus Garcia and his family. We have learned that the Pastor and the church are very passionate about evangelism and children’s ministry. The school in the village is just across the street from the church and we will some activities with the children there. We don’t yet know all the details, but we feel confident that our mission will have an impact, and that we will be able to help and serve the wonderful people in this area of Belize.

Please continue to pray for our mission, our safety, and the people of Belize. We are excited that our family can serve in this way, and continue to prepare ourselves for this adventure.

You can learn more about us, this trip, or how you can help in our original post: Belize Mission Trip. Or you can email me any time and I would love to share more information and our why this is important to us.

Again we are thankful for your support and we wish you the best,

Doug, Ginger, and Annika Diemel

Location of our mission is Armenia, Belize

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