Location, Location, Location

The other day I got a job offer, and on paper it looked really good. However, I decided to turn it down, and the reason surprised me. After careful consideration I determined that the reasons I wanted the job were shallow, and the reasons to stay were deep. It’s funny how our pride, our greediness, and our selfishness can trick us into thinking something is better than it is.
Have you ever attended a town hall meeting in your city, town or village? Do you know your Police Chief well enough to stop him and have a conversation? Have you ever ran into your CEO in the grocery store, and he asked you how your daughter was doing? Can you walk your daughter to school, and then walk to your office, and be working by 8:05 every morning?
I am so thankful I got that offer. Not to stroke my fragile ego, but because it forced me to think heavily on what really matters. I am blessed to have an amazing family that loves and supports me. I am blessed to work for a family business that stresses long-term success over short-term profit. I am blessed to live in a beautiful village of approximately 2000 people, and to be able to easily walk most places. I have lived other places, and I have enjoyed them too; but right now I am truly in the “right” place.
The news focuses so heavily on what is going wrong. Don’t do that to yourself. Take a few minutes and count your blessings, ponder the things going right. I bet you, if you try to carry that positive energy into the bad areas, you will start to see things change for the better.
I believe you are exactly where you need to be, and the experiences you are gaining are the exact things that will shape you and your legacy. Lean into the wind and make the most of things you have.
Wish you the best
Douglas Diemel​

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