My Girl

I watched the movie, My Girl 2 (1994) with my daughter last night. She and I had watched the original My Girl (1991) earlier this year and when it came up as a suggestion on Amazon Prime she begged to watch this sequel.

My gut instinct was, back then sequels weren’t very good, but sometimes as a dad we have to suck it up let our little girls make the selection. So we rented the movie online, and it turns out it is actually a pretty good movie. I still like the original better, but this wasn’t a bad sequel at all.

For a “Dad and Daughter” night I would strongly recommend either one of these movies. They are fun to watch and they highlight some of the real-life things that girls go through pre and post puberty. Maybe if you are lucky your daughter will ask you some difficult questions? Trust me, you would rather they ask you or mom, than their friends…

Dan Aykroyd, who is the dad in the movie, is much more serious than you would expect. However, the fact he plays the tuba softens him dramatically. Makes me think about taking tuba lessons… just kidding. Interestingly, when you watch a movie with your daughter you pay attention to different things than when you watch yourself or with someone else. For me I watched closely the relationship between the dad (Harry Sultenfuss) and the daughter (Vada).

This Fathers Day I am choosing to focus on how blessed I am to have an amazing daughter. How fortunate that she is still at an age where she thinks I am the best guy in the world. And how awesome it is that she still begs to spend time with me and do anything from playing a board game, playing basketball, or just watching a movie together. I know soon she will be into the next stage of my life, and I will not get this same attention, but hopefully the time we invest now will create a lasting bond. No matter how old she gets, she will always be my girl.

Me and My Girl – Hiking weekend along Lake Superior

To all the dads out there. I hope you fully enjoy this Fathers Day, and everyday.

All the best,

Douglas Diemel

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