Ninja Bachelor Party

My wife asked me to help with a Pampered Chef Fundraising Party to help raise some funds for our Belize Mission Trip. I will be honest, I was less than excited to oblige, but the cause is important to me so I decided I would put in some work and help out.

How does a middle aged engineer sell Pampered Chef? I have no clue… but I can share a short story, a recipe I created, and some of the tools I love. Maybe you will find one of these items useful and I can help you out.

First a story. I get to travel often for work and earlier this year I was in Austin, TX. I must admit, Austin is weird, but in a good way and almost everyone I met and hung out with was amazingly interesting and cool. Being eager to one day be cool myself I asked, “what makes you so cool”? Surprisingly they answered, “Just eat real food”. What kind of answer is that? They then offered to share more insights over breakfast at JuiceLand. I think this was just a hippie way for them to get a free breakfast, but I obliged and we decided to meet at JuiceLand at 8am. The next morning Uber delivered me to the place, and I was impressed at the little stand in a hip neighborhood (corner of Cesar Chavez and San Saba St.).

Uber drops me off here. 2601 E CESAR CHAVEZ

Not what I expected. I ordered a medium fresh juice for $7.50 called the “Ninja Bachelor Party” and waited for my friend. Juice is ready, but still no friend. Stood up for breakfast? What?? I call and find out there is more than one JuiceLand, rookie mistake… So I never did learn how to be cool, but I did learn that I really like expensive juice, and this “Ninja Bachelor Party” green juice thing was really good.

Fast Forward a few weeks, and I am craving one of those Ninja Drinks… I get the bright Idea, I am going to make one myself using the cheap Bella Rocket Blender I own. Amazingly, after a few tries it actually tastes good. The ultimate test, I make one for my wife and she says, “I don’t like green smoothies. What is in that thing?”

Not wanting to divulge my secret recipe I simply state, “Its basically a spicy Bloody Mary with some extra green veggies and no vodka.” This intrigued her and she tried it. Turns out she likes it, and now I have to make two of them every morning (or at least every morning I wake up early enough to make myself one).

Well, I am certain you are craving one of these yourself so I will share my top secret recipe with you here:

And if you like hot & spicy… Try this version:

Now like all good sales pitches… you have no idea why you are here and why you are still reading this mumbo jumbo… Well, it turns out that I used my wife’s cool little Pampered Chef tools to make this thing. And, they work really well. So well I would gladly recommend some of them. But before the list of tools, how about some actual pictures I took of the “Ninja Bachelor Party” I constructed in my kitchen. Who knows, maybe you will be making some in your kitchen soon.

All right, now the sharp things I used…

So now you know what I drink and how I make it. Limited time only, we will be hosting a Pampered Chef Fundraiser on May 23rd and all proceeds will be used to benefit our mission trip. If you want to order any Pampered Chef items and have the proceeds go to us you must order through me (email me and we will share contact phone number so you can order). OR if you have a friend who sells this stuff, ask them and they can help you out… and no commission will come to us, but at least you will have some cool tools. Or if you are just generous, and don’t need kitchen tools, click here to learn how to donate to our mission trip. Last, if you are interested in this recipe, give it a try and I will include pages you can print at the end. Remember, if you want any of these cool tools email me before May 25th and I will help you out.

Regardless I wish you the best in health and life. If you know the secret to being cool, please share. And if you are ever in Austin TX check out JuiceLand.

All the best,

Douglas Diemel

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